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Creative Problem Solving

At DesignPod, we love problem-solving! When one of our clients comes to us with a project that requires creative problem-solving, we are on the case!

KICK-EEZ Products wanted a solution to help online shoppers find the perfect fit recoil pad for their firearm. They offer a series of different styles that each come in a variety of sizes. Their pads are grind to fit, meaning you select a pad slightly larger than the size of the stock, and can grind and polish it down to be a perfect fit! A customer can measure their stock and select what is best, but what if there was another option and step the customer could do the confirm they indeed had the correct size? DesignPod found a solution.

DesignPod wanted to create a series of templates that the customer could print off at home to trace their stock right on the paper to see the sizing firsthand. Much like what many shoe companies do to find your size in their brand. They have a shoe sizing template you can print off to measure your foot to select the proper size shoe.

To do this, DesignPod had KICK-EEZ Products ship one of each recoil pad to the office. From there, we used a washable ink pad to stamp each recoil pad onto a clean sheet of white paper. These printed sheets were then scanned into the computer to be traced by hand in Adobe Illustrator to be sure we had an exact footprint. From there a custom template for each recoil pad was created. Each one included the name of the recoil pad, all measurements, a true-to-size ruler on the size, and instructions on how to properly print and measure.

The result was a win-win for both KICK-EEZ as a company and brand and the consumer.


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