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The Difference of DesignPod: Personalized Logo Design

In today's internet-driven world and with easy access to a number of quick design solutions, there are a variety of resources and online companies that one could select for getting a new logo. It's almost as if design and marketing have become a luxury service. Boutique agencies are now competing against large online agencies and brands that promise a $99 logo or design software that any person with a computer can create marketing materials.

What separates DesignPod from these options, plain and simple, is us. You get to work directly with us, in person, on zoom, or on the phone; we directly connect to our clients. We work to understand their company, the clients they'd like to attract, and their likes and dislikes. It's more than just cranking out a generic graphic they can call a "logo"; we dive deep. That is a consistent factor when you ask our clients why they have selected DesignPod.

Marleta Black from Marleta Black Coaching specifically selected DesignPod Studio for the creative solutions of graphics specialist and DesignPod Studio owner Jessica Adanich. Jessica, whose passion truly is art and design, finds connecting 1-2-1 with clients is the most effective way to achieve the best outcomes. Marleta came to Jessica asking for a logo that would take her business into the next chapter while also being something she could be proud of and really love. Much like DesignPod Studio's creative approach, Marleta does the same in her business; she works with each individual to help solve their specific concerns or issues.

To start, Jessica had an in-depth meeting to learn about Marleta and her business. Jessica then created a variety of custom concepts for Marleta to review that specifically addressed the various elements of her business in a visual form. From the comments given in the review, Jessica made revisions to create the final logo design. In a world where we're all too often treated like just another number, DesignPod Studio treats each client as an individual!

"Jessica and the Design Pod team did an amazing job on my logo and incorporated everything I wanted into it from a business core value standpoint.
Their process was easy, gave me choices, listened to everything I desired and was also cost effective! My logo incorporates the concepts of moving forward in motion and the richness of life as we evolve and grow, and symbolizes the 5 core values (5 expanding circles) of my Coaching business including Curiosity, Engagement, Growth, Clarity, and Intentionality!"

The final logo was created in a vertical and horizontal format as well as a series of color options.


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