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DesignPod Tactical is a new wave of creative agency. Let us show you what makes us different and what the difference means for your business. We're not the biggest, but in the sea of sameness it's not size that matters, it's how you stand out.

DesignPod is a forward-thinking branding, graphic design, and marketing agency entirely based in the United States, led by the visionary founder Jessica Adanich. Our team of innovative, creative professionals is passionate about delivering exceptional results for clients across the globe. Regardless of your location, we connect seamlessly, leveraging the power of technology to collaborate effectively.

Jessica Adanich, the driving force behind DesignPod, brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With a deep understanding of the industry, she has a proven track record of successful projects and satisfied clients. Her keen eye for design, strategic mindset, and commitment to excellence set her apart in the field.

When you choose to work with Jessica and the DesignPod team, you benefit from a unique blend of creativity, professionalism, and dedication. We go above and beyond to ensure your project's success, crafting impactful branding, captivating graphic design, and effective marketing strategies. Our personalized approach and attention to detail guarantee that your vision is brought to life in the most compelling way possible.

Introducing Jessica Adanich: Where Imagination Meets Design

In the vast and captivating world of graphic design, there exists a visionary whose creativity knows no bounds. Enter Jessica Adanich, an extraordinary graphic designer whose passion and talent weave together to create awe-inspiring visual experiences.

Born with an innate curiosity and an unyielding desire to push the boundaries of design, Jessica's journey began at the renowned Cleveland Institute of Art. Immersed in the realms of industrial design, graphic design, sculpture, and glass, she honed her artistic skills and nurtured her creative spirit. Armed with a diverse skill set and a boundless imagination, Jessica embarked on a path that would set her apart as a true design maven.

Before establishing her own design agency, Jessica's creative prowess led her to collaborate with renowned brands such as Vitamix®, Hasbro NERF®, and Mace® Brand. As part of creative teams or in leadership roles, she brought her unique perspective and expertise to the table, shaping unforgettable brand experiences. Her innovative designs caught the attention of the design community, earning her accolades, including prestigious national and international awards, most notably for her exceptional packaging designs.

Driven by a burning passion to democratize high-end design, Jessica's entrepreneurial spirit led her to create DesignPod Studio. Believing that impactful branding and marketing should be accessible to businesses of all sizes, she set out to offer top-notch design solutions without breaking the bank. DesignPod Studio became a haven for visionary entrepreneurs and businesses seeking to elevate their brand presence and create meaningful connections with their audiences.

"Fuelled by a deep love for design and a relentless drive to empower businesses, I believe in the transformative power of quality design and strategic marketing. By weaving together artistry, innovation, and purpose, we can create visual experiences that not only captivate but also drive meaningful connections with audiences. Let's embark on a journey where design becomes the catalyst for unlocking a brand's true potential, propelling businesses towards success, and making a lasting impact in the hearts and minds of their customers."
- Jessica Adanich

What sets Jessica apart is her unwavering dedication to understanding her clients' unique stories, aspirations, and visions. Her designs are more than just aesthetically pleasing; they are windows into the essence of a brand, invoking emotions, and captivating hearts. Collaborating with Jessica is an immersive experience, a creative journey fueled by open communication and a shared desire to bring dreams to life through design.

With DesignPod Studio, Jessica leads a 100% US-based team that embodies her passion and expertise. Every client receives the undivided attention and expertise of the talented professionals they meet, ensuring a personal and collaborative experience from start to finish. From diverse industries to specialized sectors like the firearm and weapons industry through DesignPod Tactical, Jessica's studio embraces the challenge of bringing unique visions to life.

Jessica Adanich is more than a graphic designer; she is a purveyor of dreams and a catalyst for artistic transformation. Her unwavering dedication to innovation, her ability to blend imagination with strategic thinking, and her commitment to helping businesses succeed make her an invaluable asset to anyone seeking to redefine their brand presence.


Welcome to the world of Jessica Adanich, where imagination dances with design, and ordinary ideas are transformed into extraordinary visual narratives. Step into her realm, and together, let's create a world where creativity knows no bounds.

Notable Awards & Distinctions
Elevating Design Standards and Inspiring Creativity
  • Top Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2023, Graphic Design & Marketing. Issued by Great Companies · Aug 2023

  • The Best Vendor Women Entrepreneurs Award 2023: Advertising, Design, & Marketing. Issued by The Best Vendor · July 2023

  • 4 Under 40/David Stashower Rising Star. Issued by American Advertising Federation · Jan 2018

  • Best Personal Security Design Specialist 2017 - USA. Issued by TMT News magazine · Oct 2017

  • R+ Designer Ranking of Top Designers in the World. Issued by A'​ International Design Award · Dec 2016

  • R+ Designer Ranking of Top Designers in the World. Issued by A'​ International Design Award · Dec 2016

  • A' International Design Award Packaging Design. Issued by A' International Design Award · Apr 2016

  • Gold Ben Franklin Print AwardGold Ben Franklin Print Award. Issued by NorthEast Craftsman Club · Apr 2015


Set Sail on Creativity


Discover how DesignPod and Jessica can elevate your visual identity. Reserve your spot for a free 30-minute introductory session with Jessica and explore the creative possibilities for your brand.

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