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RAWRarific Display Design

At DesignPod Studio we love partnering with other companies to help a client meet their project goals. We have a variety of excellent, trusted partners that can help with the printing of everything from business cards, packaging, posters, and display assets, all the way up to enormous outdoor building signage. A recent project we worked on was in combination with Affordable Displays and Colorfast Printing.

A client was having a new display kiosk designed and built for their business by Affordable Displays. The display had an area for signage, of which DesignPod had the honor to work with and design the graphics needed for the display. We work closely with the client as well as the production vendors to make sure the final product comes out perfect! This specific signage entailed photoshopping a stock image with an image of their product.

The project began with reviewing stock images of dinosaurs with the client to get the proper look and feel they were going for. Once selecting an image, we found the perfect image of their product that would drop in nicely to the stock image. With some photoshop magic, we were able to create what the client had envisioned!

Below is an image of the final graphic that was printed by Colorfast Printing along with the final display with the graphics installed.

We love working on display and signage projects. It allows us to make a client's vision come to life! Not to mention, our wonderful partners did an excellent job on execution! Huge shout out to Affordable Displays and Colorfast Printing.


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