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Brand Representation

One of the services we offer is Brand Management and Brand Representation. As an extension of your team, we can help and be there when you aren't able to! Recently we did this for one of our clients, KICK-EEZ. KICK-EEZ is family-owned and operated and 100% manufactured and sourced in the United States. They sell a wide selection of rifle recoil pads and shooting supplies made of Sorbothane®, which provides shock absorption and reduces recoil effectively and quickly. Less recoil reduces flinching, easing sore shoulders and cheeks, and eliminates it in all shooting conditions. From shoulder to fingers, KICK-EEZ® has something to help reduce flinching and ease soreness as well as help adjust your “line of sight.”

KICK-EEZ was a sponsor for this year's She Never Quit event, an annual charity fundraiser by The Women's Outdoor Media Association (WOMA). The WOMA Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that raises funds for various women-centric charitable causes. Through their annual She Never Quit event, they've raised monies for organizations where fundraising is vital to their mission. Groups such as the Foundation for Women Warriors, The SEAL Family Foundation, Trinity Oaks, Wreaths Across America, and Team Never Quit have all been past benefactors of their efforts.

As a sponsor for She Never Quit, KICK-EEZ sent DesignPod Studio's President and Founder, Jessica Adanich, as their company and brand representative. At the event, Jessica captured video, and photos while introducing a whole new group of women shooters (first time and experienced) to KICK-EEZ products. This resulted in material for social media, marketing materials, and excellent brand exposure.

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